5 Steps to Everyday Vamp

Office Chic - 3 Kits to take you from work to after hours. 5 Steps to Everyday Vamp - Featuring the MŌDA® Mythical 5PC Dark Dragon Kit

There are 2 kinds of people come fall – those who head off to the apple orchard, and those who get spooky. While we love apple cider and crisp fall days, we’re here for the dark makeup and gothic vibes! What better way to celebrate the most haunted season than picking up the new MŌDA® Mythical Dark Dragon Kit and adding a wickedly magical touch to your everyday makeup look!

Powder and Blush

Apply foundation and concealer, making sure to use the correct fall/winter shade (usually 1 shade lighter than summer if you’re starting to lose your tan). Apply a matte setting powder over the entire face using the Powder brush. Then, use the same brush to dip into a neutral blush shade and apply very lightly in a sweeping motion on the outer portions of the cheeks.

Dramatic Contour

Using the Contour brush, apply powder contour in a “3” pattern along the sides of your face (along your temples, hollows of your cheeks, and jawline), making sure to concentrate a bit more product right under your cheeks to lift them up. For this look, don’t be afraid to go a little darker with your contour!

Dark Lids

To counterbalance the darker contour, blend a dark shadow (like plum or navy) over the lid using the Angle Blender brush, concentrating more product towards the outer corner. Be sure to blend out the crease.

Smoky Liner

Use the Smudger brush with a black cream shadow to smoke out your eyes. Apply the cream shadow only towards the outer corner of the eye, the gently smudge towards the inner corner on both the upper and lower lash lines. This technique will keep the eye from looking too heavy. Add a few coats of black mascara.

Sexy Lips

Finally, break out those dark lippies you’ve been saving for this season! Load up the Precision Lip brush with a vampy color (go for black or dark blue if you’re feeling adventurous!) and carefully apply to the lips. It may be helpful to line the lips first to keep color within the lines. Clean up the edge of a dark lip by precisely applying concealer.