Charge Up Your Look!

A monochromatic look can be a little daunting – one color? For a whole face? We promise it’s not only simple, but will add a dreamy spin to your everyday routine. Using the new MŌDA® Mythical Crystal Kits, you can add a few key points of color to your makeup while channeling some calming energy.

Step One

Breathe in, breathe out, and center yourself for a great day. To really unify a monochromatic look, find an ambient lighting powder or tinted setting powder with the correct undertone, then lightly apply all over your face using the Powder brush over any foundation and concealer. Can’t find exactly what you need? Do a little DIY! In a small bowl mix loose powder and a tiny bit of blush that’s the correct color.

Step Two

Say three positive things about yourself – remember true glow comes from within! Next apply a glowy blush in your chosen color with the Angle Blush, sweeping up and out from the apples of the cheeks. Don’t be scared of cool-toned blush! Once the look is pulled together, everything will look more natural.

Step Three

Sit up straight, look up, and sweep your hands out and up over your head, reaching towards the ceiling. Stretching helps release the stress you hold in your muscles. One of the great things about monochromatic looks is how simple the eye makeup can be! No need to mix and match – just pick your color and blend away with the MD Shader across the lid and into the crease. You can use colored eye gloss for a shiny finish or use the blush from Step Two for extra ease.

Step Four

List out three big goals for the week or month and three small goals for the day. Take little steps to achieve each one and enjoy some success! Don’t let this monochromatic look go flat – add some sparkle to give everything dimension. Use the Crease brush with a highlighting powder and touch into the inner corner of the eye, down the nose, and along the cheekbones. If you can’t find a highlighter with the right undertone, try using a shimmery eyeshadow instead.

Step Five

Take a few deep breaths when you feel yourself becoming negative or anxious throughout the day. And remember that no one is perfect. Finish up this look with a matching lipstick or lipgloss, a few coats of black mascara, and black liner. Feel free to experiment with this type of makeup by adding different shades of the same color, holographic glitter, or a contrasting liner for strategic pop.

Have a lovely day full of positive vibes!