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It may not be a full moon this Halloween, but you can still have a howlin' good time as a werewolf! Glam it up with a smokey eye, make it scary by adding fake blood, or keep it classic with this easy-to-follow guide.

You’re also in for an extra treat - we are giving you the first glimpse at the upcoming MŌDA® PRO 7PC Total Face Flip Kit! Until it's released, you can find the brushes in many other color variations on our website.
Create a base by evening out your complexion with foundation.
Dot on concealer that is lighter than your skin tone in the areas shown.
Blend out the concealer to add highlight and dimension.
Block out areas for sideburns and a widow’s peak by using a face paint/product matching your hair color.
Blend the edges of your sideburns and widow’s peak
Create thin hair, sweeping up and towards center of face. For brows, radiate lines towards edges of the face.
Contour your nose using a dark color. Try keeping the bridge of your nose wider.
Form a nose tip going around the nostrils. Add hair on sides by the contour line.
Add strokes of a highlight color to the hair lines to add texture.
Soften the edges of the hair and add highlight to the higher points of the face.
Add any additional details, like snarl lines or creases, for optimal scariness.
To drive the look home, add contacts, fangs, or prostetic ears!
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