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Embrace your inner warrior woman and slay the competition this Halloween like the goddess you know you are!
Apply Foundation.
Illuminate the face with light concealer using the 803 Concealer brush.
Set foundation and concealer using powder with the Buffer brush.
Use the M03 Contour brush with dark powder to create dimension in the hollows of the cheeks and along the hairline. Also use the M03 to add a sparkly highlight to the cheekbones.
Using a comic-style picture as a guide, add facial detail lines in black face paint with the Brow brush.
With the Brow brush, apply a thick layer of gold eyeliner to the eyelids. Fill in the headband with gold face paint using a larger brush.
Line the upper lash line in a "cat eye" style with the Brow brush and black liner. Then, follow the curve of the line both above and below the eye with black again. Finally, line the water line in white.
Apply red lipstick.
Draw any other small details and highlights (nose, chin, and lips in particular) with the Brow brush to finish the face. Apply mascara and lashes to finish the look!
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