Iconic Glow Tutorial with Samantha March

Add a little sparkle and shine to your look with the 4PC Iconic Glow Kit. Samantha March (@marchbeautyword) details each brush while giving a mini tutorial for her luminous look in the video below. “If you’re someone like me and you love highlight and love the glow, this is a great kit for you!”:

“This is the brush I use for contouring. It is a very dense brush and fits really nicely right by the cheekbones and hugs your contours. I also use this to contour around my forehead and nose”

“I use the fan brush to apply my first highlight to my cheekbones and forehead. You can also use this brush to wipe away fallout from eyeshadow or for contour.”

“I used this brush to pick up my more intense highlighter and apply it to my cheekbones and forehead. Because this brush a little bit smaller than the BMX-150, I also used it for my nose highlight.”

“I think you can do so many different things with this brush! You can apply a lower lash line color, you can smoke it out, and you can also use it for an inner corner or brow bone highlight.”