Linda B Gets Bold with MŌDA® Sweet Siren

Beautiful MŌDA® Maven Linda B (@glitterfallout) completes a flashy look with the equally bold Sweet Siren 6PC kit. Follow her tutorial for the perfect look to make a grand entrance into spring weather! “The Sweet Siren Kit is a 6-piece kit that comes with 5 brushes and a holder. The brushes are fantastic. They are cruelty-free. They are vegan. They are the softest brushes ever! Plus, this little kit is great for travel. I love these!”


“This is a really good light, fluffy brush. I’ve been using this for powder application all over the face to set my foundation.”


“This is definitely more dense, so it’s more for a precise application of you makeup. I personally like to use this to buff out my cream contour – it’s soft enough to do that but it doesn’t absorb too much product.”

Highlight and Glow:

“MŌDA® makes my favorite highlighter brushes of all time, and this one is no exception! It’s domed perfectly but it is very fluffy. It’s really good for not only applying your highlight but really buffing it in.”


“The Crease brush is also a little bit more dense, but it is fluffy on the top and it is domed. So, it’s great for applying your crease makeup and then really buffing it out.”


“The Shader brush is great for applying color all over your lid. I like it for applying close to the lash line but also, because it has that dome to it, it’s great for getting right into that inner corner.”