@makeupmolly Shares an Affordable Summer Look

Maven @makeupmolly brings you a girly and budget-friendly tutorial featuring our MŌDA® 6PC Glitter Bomb Kit that’s great to transition your look into summer! “Today I’m going to be sharing with you the MŌDA® Glitter Bomb brush set. I love MŌDA® brushes, I have been talking about them for years. They are affordable and they are such good quality!”

Molly uses the Blush brush to lightly set her under eye area and face, noting that “there’s not only one way you can use a brush.”

Moving to eyes, she blends a soft taupe shade into the crease with the Crease brush.

Then with the Eye Shader Molly applies a creamy champagne color to just the lid. “This brush is really great for packing on shadows. Because it is so dense, yet fluffy, it’s really going to pick up your pigments nicely.”

Moving to the Line brush, she creates a soft wing with a dark shadow, careful not to overwhelm the soft shadow. She uses the same brush to bring the dark shadow to the lower lash as well.

To finish the face, Molly first uses the Pointed Powder to bronze the perimeter of the face and contour under cheekbones. For a nose contour, she simply pinches the brush to get the shape she needs.

Finally, she applies a soft and glowy highlight to add dimension. “You can use any brush you want for whatever you want! This one is really nice for picking up the color of the highlight.”