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Flawless Foundation

Don't let liquid foundation confuse you - use the right tools to get exactly the coverage and finish you want. It can be tough to wade through the sea of options available, so we've broken it down to make achieving flawless-looking skin fun and easy.

Foundation Tip: Figure out the right shade for you with the "Three Swipe Test." Swipe three shades of foundation you think are close to your skin color on your face. The one that blends in seamlessly is your perfect match! Then, prep your skin with moisturizer and you're ready to use one of the brushes below.

Face Perfecting Foundation Brush


This beauty features dense synthetic fibers that will apply and blend cream/liquid makeup with minimal product absorption.



Ensure a gorgeous, sheer finish and an even, streak-free application with this stippling brush that compliments any liquid foundation!



The oval shape of this brush makes it just right for liquid or cream foundation application with a natural finish.



These flat-topped, dense bristles deposit concentrated and targeted product for a full and airbrushed finish.

Stipple and Blend Sponges


Add foundation a little bit at a time with the pointed sponge until your face is covered. Without any product on the rounded sponge, go back over your face using a stippling motion to blend in anything you may have missed.

Angle Foundation


Apply a small amount of foundation in the center of your face. Then, starting from that area, blend outward and upward. The angled surface of the brush will help you blend and buff a flawless finish.

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