Stunning Complexion GOALS


The New Year brings new beginnings. It’s a time for self-reflection, and setting new goals for personal growth and development. Where do you want to be? What steps do you need take to achieve these goals? Will achieving these goals bring you satisfaction? These are valid questions to ask yourself when exploring. Setting your 2019 makeup goals should also be a priority on your list. Self-expression nurtures creativity, resulting in a more authentic you! Make every look count, beginning with a pristine base, using the MŌDA® Prismatic Precision Powder 4PC Kit.

MŌDA® Prismatic 4PC Precision Powder Kit

Large Precision Powder Brush
BMD-P805 from BMD-PPK2

Lay down the foundation of your look using the MŌDA® Prismatic Large Precision Powder brush. The dramatic, angled edge creates perfect coverage from every corner of the face. Lightly pat translucent powder over product to set it in place. For added warmth, drape a bronzing shade around the outer perimeters of the face.

MŌDA® Prismatic 4PC Precision Powder Kit

Small Precision Powder Brush
BMD-P806 from BMD-PPK2

Detail and perfect base makeup using the MŌDA® Prismatic Small Precision Powder brush. The small, dense bristles make applying concealer effortless, especially to the under eye area! Baking the skin is also made simple with this brush. To tackle this technique like a pro, apply a generous amount of powder to a concentrated area of the face, such as the forehead or chin, and allow your skin’s natural temperature to heat up product beneath the powder for approximately 15 minutes - it will be immaculate and secure.

MŌDA® Prismatic 4PC Precision Powder Kit

from BMD-PPK2

Flawless skin is great, but let’s take it a step further by drawing attention to the features you love most about your face using the MŌDA® Prismatic Accentuate brush. The tapered bristles allow our Mavens to meticulously sculpt out the hollows of the face using bronzing shades, and play up the high planes using baking powders, highlighters, and blush. Reveal a complexion which makes you feel like the most #beautifullybold version of yourself.

MŌDA® Prismatic 4PC Precision Powder Kit

from BMD-PPK2

Complete your look by applying an ambient lighting powder using the MŌDA® Prismatic Finish brush to showcase your radiance. Dust off any excess product, and any negative vibes, to start the year fresh-faced and invigorated. Cheers!