Get Bronzed & Contoured


Whether you want to sharpen your cheekbones “Kardashian style” or get a soft summer glow, MODA® brushes are the perfect tools to help you achieve your makeup goals. We’ve outlined what brushes to use below, just pick what look you’re going for and shop away!

Dramatic Contour - BMX-245, BMD-235, BMX-250, and BMX-235 Professional Makeup Brushes

Dramatic Contour

Pictured left to right: BMX-245, BMD-235, BMX-250, BMX-235

We weren’t all born with perfect bone structure, but you can fake it with just a few swipes of the right brush. Load up any of these brushes with cream or liquid contouring makeup and create dark lines in the hollows of your cheeks, the sides of your forehead, and along your jawline. Then blend out the edges of the lines into your foundation and your cheeks will really start to pop! If the lines look too harsh, try layering your contour UNDER your foundation – you won’t believe how natural it will look!

Blended Contour - M26, BMD-185, BMX-141, BMD-P802, and M06 Professional Makeup Brushes

Blended Contour

Pictured left to right: M26, BMD-185, BMX-141, BMD-P802, M06

If you want a slightly softer contour but still want to use cream or liquid contouring makeup, any of these brushes will give you a perfectly airbrushed result! The dense bristles deposit and blend contour for a natural-looking finish. Blend in small circles to diffuse any edges into foundation. These multitasking brushes can also apply or blend foundation, making them a real standout in any brush collection.

Natural Contour - BMD-120, BMX-120, M03, and BMD-P806 Professional Makeup Brushes

Natural Contour

Pictured left to right: BMD-120, BMX-120, M03, BMD-P806

Not into crazy contouring? Gently define cheekbones by using any of these brushes with powder contour. Choose a darker contour shade for more drama or one that’s only a few steps away from your skin color for barely-there makeup. You can also use powder on top of cream to set it and create the ultimate dramatic contour!

Liquid Bronzer - BMD-251 and M11 Professional Makeup Brushes

Liquid Bronzer

Pictured left to right: BMD-251, M11

Grab a liquid bronzer and one of these stipplers to create the most beautiful tan of your life! After priming, lightly dot bronzer all over your face and neck, then stipple it into the skin. Follow with a sheer foundation and your normal makeup routine. You will glow from within – no sun exposure necessary! You can also layer this bronzed look with a light contour for extra definition.

Powder Bronzer - BMD-180, BMX-180, M05, and BMD-P805 Professional Makeup Brushes

Powder Bronzer

Pictured left to right: BMD-180, BMX-180, M05, BMD-P805

For fast, no-fuss bronzing, these perfectly-sized powder brushes will apply powder bronzer with ease. Want a light tan? Use a larger brush with matte bronzing powder and apply evenly over your face and neck. Need to stand out? Use a domed or smaller brush with shimmery bronzer, concentrating product a bit more where the light will catch the sheen. Combine this with a sunny highlight to be the ultimate bronzed goddess!