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Moda Maven of the month


Moda Maven of the month

April 2018

"My name is Kate, better known as @perecrestok on social media! I was born in Russia and raised in Los Angeles. From a very early age makeup was a part of my life, since I used to be a ballroom dancer and theater performer. Most of my childhood I spent on stage performing and one of my most favorite parts was always applying makeup and getting into character! Ever since then it became a passion and an artistic outlet for me. Transforming myself into different characters always puts a smile on my face. Basically, it's like having Halloween every single day, and that is my favorite holiday by far. A couple years ago I started posting on social media and it gave me a chance to share my work with the world, meet artists, make new friends, and connect with amazing brands, like MŌDA®!

An artist can only do so much if she doesn’t have the right tools. And MŌDA® Metallics Brushes have been my ride-or-die for a very long time now - especially M13, M19, M20 and M24. These high-quality, cruelty-free, vegan, synthetic brushes are truly a dream come true! No matter if you are beginner or a pro artist, these tools are an absolute must in your makeup kit. They are affordable, beautiful, and, most importantly, they blend your products to perfection. I am seriously obsessed and I highly highly recommend these magic tools to everyone out there! The 10 PC Deluxe Gift Kit is a perfect gift choice for anyone who loves makeup."

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