MŌDA® U Goes on Spring Break!

Follow our MŌDA® U student Julia as she packs for a trip to get some great tips on travel-friendly favorites!

"This Spring Break, I decided to go on a small weekend getaway to the beach. Going on trips has always been one of my favorite past times. The trip itself is so much fun and a good way to destress, but all the prep and planning that goes into getting there is something I don’t look forward to."

"Packing for a trip is so stressful! I like to make sure I have an outfit for every outing as well as pack all the little essentials that make a big difference, like makeup. I find packing makeup SO difficult - I need foundations, primers, eyeshadow palettes, and most importantly, brushes to fit all in one space and I like packing as lightly as possible! When I saw that MŌDA has a wide range of travel-sized brushes, of course I had to order a couple of kits for my trip!"

"I gravitated towards the Mythical Celestial Blue Travel Kit and the Prismatic Beautiful Eyes Kit. The Celestial Blue Kit comes with 5 of my absolute favorite brushes that I knew would complete my everyday makeup look - Powder, Complexion, Highlight & Glow, Crease, and Eye Shader. I added in the 7-piece Prismatic beautiful eye kit because I wanted a range of eyeshadow brushes that could really allow me to take my eye look to the next level for a fun night out. Both travel kits were so ideal for my Spring Break because they came with a travel case that allowed me to have my brushes protected in my makeup bag and displayed when I was ready to start my makeup. I also love that these brushes are just as cute as MŌDA®’s full-size brushes!"

"Although my trip is nothing big and grand, I am extremely excited to get away and give myself some time to be apart from the stresses of being a full-time college student. I have always felt like travel-sized items are sometimes overlooked - they tend to be small, plain, and replaceable. It made me so excited to see I can have smaller brushes that are cute and high quality enough that I won’t need to replace them. MŌDA® never fails me and is going to be the best companion on my Spring Break getaway!"