Neon Necessities: Lauren DellaFera Shares the Totally Electric Eye Kit

Trendy and detailed eye looks are always daunting to try for the first time, and usually include some trial and error. Lauren DellaFera shares a mini tutorial and some tips and tricks for the MŌDA® Totally Electric Eye Kit that will make eye looks easy. “This has honestly been one of my go-to sets from MŌDA® lately because it has everything you need to create a complete eye look including things you didn’t know that you needed!”

Featured Product

“I feel like when I do a more dramatic eye look, if my brows aren’t filled in it just looks unbalanced. Fortunately, the Totally Electric Eye Kit does contain a Brow/Groomer tool!”

“This brush is super soft – you don’t need to press super hard. Less is usually more with blending.”

“This brush is really nice for packing color on. It is also a really great size because it’s not too big and it’s not too small. You can definitely cover a decent amount of surface area, but if you have smaller eyes you won’t have too difficult of a time applying the shadow to a precise area of your lid.”

“This might be my favorite brush from the set because you can use it to do so many different things. You can use it to highlight your inner corner, you can use it to buff color onto the lower lash line, and you can use it to deepen your crease in a very detailed way. It’s basically a little rock star!”

“The underdog product of this set is the Glam Topper. These little silicone applicators are the best thing for pressed glitters that are really popular in palettes now. Not only is it less messy because you don’t have to stick your finger in the glitter, but it’s also smaller and much more precise than your finger (which will be really handy if you have small eyes). This brush will help you put product exactly where you want it.”