Pretty and Powdered with MŌDA® and Lauren DellaFera

Breathe some new life into your beauty collection with these innovative Prismatic brushes, specially designed to be the perfect marriage of an oval style brush and a powder brush. Maven Lauren DellaFera gives you the best tips and tricks for this kit that she personally loves for a natural makeup look! “These are paddle - style brushes. They have a really unique design where the head is slightly tilted back. This is to give you ease in application so the bristles can glide really nicely across your skin.”.

“This large Precision Powder brush could be used to apply powder foundation all over the face. Because it’s so large, it buffs in product really quickly. If you only have 5 minutes to do your makeup, and you know every second counts, you may really appreciate this brush!”

“The small Precision Powder brush is better for detail work. You could use this to blend in contour – it is really fast and really natural. You can also use it with blush!”