Reboot Your Beauty Routine with MODA

Reboot Your Beauty Routine with MODA Reboot Your Beauty Routine with MODA

No matter where you are in the world, it’s been a strange few months. Most of us have been staying inside, our everyday routines completely changed, usually centered around comfort. As the world begins to get moving again, starting up a beauty routine can feel awkward, though having a familiar routine can instill a sense of balance and normalcy. As you return to everyday life in small steps, so can your self-care. We’ve outlined 4 tips below to help you feel like...well, yourself!

Start with Skin

Even if your skin has had a break from makeup for weeks or months, it still deserves some TLC every now and then. If you’ve been spending extra time outside, now is the perfect opportunity to let your skin drink up extra moisture from a DIY mask to avoid future fine lines. You can also take a breather from stress by having a home spa night - just add a bubble bath and your favorite wine.

Build a Base

Sometimes makeup is our war paint - we feel a little braver heading into the world with a fresh coat of foundation. Now is a great time to try out that new foundation or change up your contouring routine! Give yourself a boost of confidence with a flawless complexion or show off your spring glow with a dewy look.

Easy on the Eyes

One thing that always seems a little strange after going fresh-faced is eye makeup. If you’ve gotten used to seeing yourself with no liner and no lashes, a full smoky eye may be a bit of a shock! A great way to ease back into full glam is starting with a simple and soft look that compliments your eye color.

Be Beautifully You

Finally, remember that we are all in this together. If you need an outlet for your creativity or need to chat with other beauty lovers, our MODA community is always here for fun and inspiration - just give us a shout!