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MŌDA® Pro 4pc Face Perfecting Kit

100% Vegan BMX-FPKIT2 - MŌDA® Pro 4pc Face Perfecting Kit

MŌDA® Pro 4pc Face Perfecting Kit

$24.99 USD

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Create a flawless complexion with the MŌDA® Face Perfecting Kit. These dense, ultra-soft brushes apply and blend cream and liquid makeup with minimal absorption, leaving more makeup for application. The unique shapes are designed to fit the contours of your face for optimal blending.

This kit includes:

  • 801:
    Use this large brush for all over cream or liquid foundation application. Move the brush in one fluid movement over your face to apply and blend.
  • 802:
    Apply blush or bronzer for a stunning glow.
  • 803:
    Create a flawlessly blended contour under your cheekbones, along your jawline, or at the hairline.
  • 804:
    This small brush is perfect for precisely applying concealer, blending makeup under your eyes, or for contouring your nose or other small areas of the face.

Features of Each Brush:

  • Excellent for blending foundation, concealer, moisturizer, and primer
  • Waterproof handle with Silk-Touch finish
  • Sturdy, flexible handle for precise application
  • Dense, soft fibers

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