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    • [R]evolution®
      Eye Blender

      100% Vegan BX-66 - [R]evolution® Eye Blender
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    • [R]evolution® Eye Blender

      [R]evolution® Eye Blender  #BX-66  Synthetic Filament  Multi-purpose eye-shadow contour and blender. Made with fully-synthetic DuPont Natrafil® fibers that mimic the performance & feel of natural hair, [R]EVOLUTION® brings a unique balance of advanced functionality and sleek contemporary design to usher in a new age of makeup brushes.

      $7.99 USD
    • S.I.L.K® Pro
      25pc Kit

      BC-SET25 - S.I.L.K® Pro 25pc Kit
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    • S.I.L.K® Pro 25pc Kit

      S.I.L.K® Pro 25-piece Kit #BC-SET25 The ideal kit for the professional makeup artist. This kit contains both natural and synthetic bristle brushes and chrome-plated brass ferrules. This kit includes: BC100 Powder BC110 Blush BC120 Contour BC141 Bronzer BC200 Foundation BC210 Concealer BC225 LG Concealer BC300 Fan BC400 LG Eye Shader...

      $219.99 USD
    • Brush Essentials™
      18pc Kit

      BBE-SET18 - Brush Essentials™ 18pc Kit
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    • Brush Essentials™ 18pc Kit

      Brush Essentials™ 18-piece Kit #BBE-SET18 This super kit with all 18 of our best Brush Essentials™ brushes is ideal for the beginning makeup artist. This kit includes: BBE-01 Powder BBE-02 Blush BBE-03 Sponge BBE-04 LG Eye Shader BBE-05 Finishing Fan BBE-06 MD Eye Shader BBE-07 Smudger BBE-08 Lip BBE-09 Lash...

      $59.99 USD
    • S.I.L.K® FANTASY
      4pc Eye Kit

      BCFE-SET4 - S.I.L.K® FANTASY 4pc Eye Kit
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    • S.I.L.K® FANTASY 4pc Eye Kit

      S.I.L.K® FANTASY 4-piece Eye Kit  #BCFE-SET4  A terrific selection of professional grade natural hair & synthetic filament brushes, with everything you need for eye makeup application. This kit includes: BC211 Shade & Concealer BC401 All Over Shadow BC402 Mini Flat Smudge BC525 Lash Fan Compact Case

      $29.99 USD Clearance: $6.00 USD
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