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MŌDA® Prismatic 4pc Precision Powder Kit

100% Vegan BMD-PPK2 - MŌDA® Prismatic 4pc Precision Powder Kit

MŌDA® Prismatic 4pc Precision Powder Kit

$34.99 USD

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This kit includes four stunning brushes that work in unison for flawless powder application. Their prismatic glamour and easy-to-grip handles make them a perfect addition to any brush collection.

This kit includes:

  • Large Precision Powder (Patent Pending):

    Use this large, angular brush to apply translucent or tinted powder all over the face. To achieve a natural finish, blend out makeup with small circular motions.

  • Small Precision Powder (Patent Pending):

    Apply powder to detail areas of the face with this smaller version of the 805. Also ideal to easily apply blush or contour.

  • Accentuate:
    This brush is ideal for highlighting large or small areas of the face with ease and precision.
  • Finish:
    Don't forget the crucial last steps to a flawless face - dust off any excess makeup and create an even, all-over glow with ambient lighting powder.

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