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Professional quality filaments that are 100% vegan and cruelty free.
Sleek lilac aluminum ferrules tightly secure filaments.
Waterproof polymer handles make for added durability.
2018CHIQUE_SVGTextOutline Professional quality filaments thatare 100% vegan and cruelty free.Waterproof polymer handlesmake for added durability.Sleek lilac aluminum ferrulestightly secure filaments.
CHIQUE™ includes 24 glamorous brushes that are 100% vegan and very affordable- guaranteed for high-quality makeup application at a low cost.

Fan BQU-401

This delicate fan brush is perfect to dust on highlight.

Powder BQU-403

Grab powder to set your makeup with this lush, full brush.

Blender BQU-404

Finish any look by blending away harsh lines.

LG Stippler BQU-405

Use with liquid foundation for a glowy, airbrush finish.

Stippler BQU-406

Create a softer look by stippling on blush or highlighter.

Blush BQU-407

Sweep on a burst of color for the perfect blushed look.

Contour BQU-408

Define your features with a sweep of contour powder.

Foundation BQU-409

This smooth brush will help you achieve a flawless base with foundation.

Concealer BQU-410

Conceal any flaws with this small brush.

Shadow BQU-411

Shade in your eyelid with this full, dense shadow brush.

Crease BQU-412

Blend eyeshadow to soften edges with this crease brush.

Angle Liner BQU-413

Keep sharp lines defined with this angle liner.

Smoky Eye BQU-414

Smoke out your look by blending dark shadows in the outer corner.

SM Shadow BQU-415

This stiffer shadow brush is perfect for packing on color.

Smudge BQU-416

This small eye brush is great for smudging shadow along the lash line.

Liner BQU-417

Get easy, precise lines with this unique bent liner.

Brow/Lash BQU-418

Groom brows and lashes with just a few quick sweeps.

Complexion BQU-419

Create an even, natural finish with cream or powder foundation.

Angle Blender BQU-420

Use to blend in mineral foundation, all-over powder, or blush for an even, glowing finish.

Accentuate BQU-421

Precisely highlight cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and anywhere you want extra glow.

Glow BQU-422

This soft round tip of this highlighter will add dimension and a soft glow to your face.

Eye Detailer BQU-423

Highlight the inner corner of your eye and apply color near the lash line.

Flat Liner BQU-424

Used for precise and firm lining of the eye.

Lip BQU-425

Achieve smooth, even application with this rounded lip shader.

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