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MŌDA® Pro 4pc Finishing Kit

100% Vegan BMX-FK4 - MŌDA® Pro 4pc Finishing Kit

MŌDA® Pro 4pc Finishing Kit

$19.99 USD

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MŌDA® PRO takes MŌDA® to the next level! This line features superior quality filaments and modern, professional shapes. This is the perfect kit of brushes to add finishing touches to your face.

This kit includes:

  • BMX-130 Pointed Blush:
    Apply blush and powder with precision or use the tapered edge to create a subtle contour.
  • BMX-120 Angle Blush:
    Precisely apply and blend blush or use to create a soft contour on your cheekbones and jawline.
  • BMX-150 Highlight:
    Delicately highlight the angles of your face or use to remove eyeshadow fallout.
  • Zip Case:
    Perfect for taking your beauty on the road.

Features of Each Brush:

  • Excellent for Wet & Dry Product
  • Waterproof, Textured, Silk-Touch Handle
  • Sturdy Aluminum Ferrule Secures Bristles
  • Professional Quality Fibers

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