Get Colorful and Mythical with @rlqrosie

Beautiful and bold Maven Rosie uses the MŌDA® Mythical Splash Travel kit for this tutorial, featuring a bright and colorful look to really start Spring off with a bang. Follow along with your favorite Mythical brushes and tag us (@modabrush) with your finished looks on Instagram!

First, Rosie applies a bright yellow shadow on the crease near the inner corner using the Shade brush.

Using the Crease brush, she then applies a hot pink to the outer corner of the eye. “Look how it picks up – it means that a) the palette is pigmented and b) the brush is really good! These brushes blend to perfection!”

To fix an eye shadow that’s a little too bright, Rosie uses the Primatic Smudger from the Smoky Eye kit to apply concealer for a cut crease to the lid, then blends with the Crease brush again.

After adding a peachy-pink detail to the outer edge of the lid with the Shade brush, she then uses the Dark Dragon Smudger to pat on a glittery shade to the rest of the lid. “It really helps that this brush is so stinkin’ amazing because it makes application that much better!”

To start her face makeup, Rosie generously applies primer with the Complexion brush. “What I love about these brushes is they’re so freaking dense. This is all I’ve been using lately.” She then applies concealer to any discolored areas and foundation all over, using the same brush. “It’s like a paintbrush! It’s why I love these brushes!”

With the Powder brush she applies a mauve-toned blush in a sweeping motion to the cheeks, lifting the face.

Rosie finishes the eye with the Blue Fire Small Eye Shader, Studio Detail and Ice Cream Detail, smoking her lower lash line and highlighting her inner corner.

For an extra pop, she uses the Pastel Brow brush to press a bright blue shadow into her upper lash line.

Finally, Rosie finishes the look with an intense highlight using the Highlight and Glow brush, then buffs out with the Powder brush. “This is my Holy Grail brush and it’s been in my Favorites videos since I started using it! This is my favorite brush in the set even though I’m obsessed with them all.”