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Whether you're posing in the pumpkin patch or partying under the full moon, this eye look is perfect for October and easy to achieve!
Start by applying a transition color (a color slightly darker than your skin tone) over the entire lid and into the crease using the crease end of the Crease/Smudge brush.
Then, add a dark shade, like black or dark brown, over the entire lid using the Smudge end of the Crease/Smudge brush.
Next, add a pop of color (green is fun for fall) to the center of lid and blend edges into the dark color with the Smudge end of the Crease/Smudge brush.
To give the “smoked” effect to this smoky eye look, use a dark color again and blend along the lash line and slightly outward with the Smoky Eye brush.
To add a bit of definition back into the look, line the upper and lower lash lines with black gel liner using the Brow brush.
Finally, using the Smoky Eye brush, diffuse the harshness of the liner by gently blending a black shadow on top. Add on mascara and falsies to complete this ultra glam Halloween look!
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