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Every year, Santa Claus creates some chaos at the North Pole by placing a very mischievous elf, Wrappy, in charge of gift wrapping. Wrappy gets the job done, but her mind constantly wanders, so she usually winds up wrapping herself instead of the gifts!
Fill in brows with red shadow or cream and highlight with white face paint with Angled Liner.
Apply a yellow/gold color in the crease with the M16 brush.
Add green just below the gold using the Smoky Eye brush in a patting motion.
Cut the crease with a concealer lighter than your skin tone. Blend green close to the outer corner. Add black & green liner to lash lines.
With red shadow or cream, create peppermints on your cheeks with a circular blending motion. Create the white swirls with the Angle Liner.
Put concealer over your natural lip line, then create smaller elf lips using the Pointed Liner brush with red lipstick.
Draw holly, mistletoe, & bows using the Pointed Liner with black body paint. Use the Flat Top Kabuki to fill in large areas with green.
Fill in smaller details with red and gold body paint using the Lana Chromium M77R #8.
Finish your elf look with large lashes, colored contacts, wig, and other accessories.
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